5 Most Popular Traditional Wedding Dress Fabrics

5 Most Popular Traditional Wedding Dress Fabrics

Some people may think that most of the wedding dress looks pretty similar to each other while there are lots of difference based on the fabric and style of the different types of bridal dresses. There are some of the wedding fabrics which are better suited for structural purpose while some of them are soft bridal fabrics which gives the elegant look and lightness to the bridal dress. For a better understanding of the wedding dresses here shown, some of the most popular and traditional bridal dress fabrics.


Satin can be considered as one of the most common, versatile and durable fabric for the bridal dress. It has a smooth finishing surface which can be suitable for any type of the body that makes it perfect for the structural option. It provides better support to the dress while you can use the different styles of drape, ruche or even the ball gown style with this fabric. This fabric material is heavy and resistant to the cold breezes that can be the better option for winters.


Charmeuse is considered as the light and slinky fabric which gives the sleek and classy look to the bridal dress. It looks quite shiny and lustrous while less compare to satin fabric. This fabric is considered best for column style dressing while it gives a curvier look with the perfect body fitting dresses or flattering gowns.

bridal dress fabrics
bridal dress fabrics


It is a sheer, soft and very light material of fabric without any sheen feature on it. This light woven fabric can be used in layers and overlays while it light fabric material gives if flowy and flouncy to the bridal dress fabric.


This fabric is also quite sheer, soft and light woven fabric but it is a bit stiffer than chiffon fabric. Organza is a structured fabric and special it looks pretty good with the many other fabrics and its delicacy makes it perfect for warmer weather weddings.


It is the gorgeous looking fabric which looks better when mixed with some other fabrics. It is a net-like very lightweight fabric. This fabric looks much better with some lace designing on the wedding dress. It gives the more airy and Flouncy to the dress but ruching the fabric will make the dress more structured.

It is not easy as it seems for anybody to choose the perfect wedding dress since you need to focus on so many terms based on style, structure, and combination of material. While some fabric provides structural strength to the dress and other material will give the soft and flawless look to the fabric. It may depend on your likes and style which you would like to follow.