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How Can You Detect The Fake Identity Document?

Identity document forgery is the process by which the identity documents issued by the government are copied or modified by the individuals who are not authorized to do so. They use it as a ploy for deceiving about their identity. The documents that may be forged includes driving license, birth certificates, passports and many other. There is a large number of such people all around the world that are mastered in making the best fake ID. They make the exact replica of real identity documents. It’s become really hard to spot the differences between the fake and the real documents. But there are various tactics by which you can identify the fake identity documents, some of these strategies are-

  • Collect information about genuine I.D. card- You can take help from I.D. checking guide. Plenty of information available in it about the features of real I.D. cards. From there you can collect humongous information about the physical appearance of the authorized documents. Each state identification cards are somehow different from each other. Accordingly, you have to learn the security features used in your state cards.

  • Compare identifications with valid I.D. – There is another alternative to get information about the features of fake I.D.’s. If you don’t have I.D. checking guide then you can take help of your own card for comparing the features of real versus fake. You may come across with many differences between the two like in their thickness, color, size, lettering, and corners.
 Best -Fake- ID
Best Fake ID
  • Examine the micro prints– Most of the state I.D. cards uses different microprinting. They have different size and writing style. They are located in different positions. You can also use the magnifying glass for checking all these features of identification cards.

  • Scan the barcode- The information contained inside the barcodes always matches with the information given on the front side of the card. Some forgers cannot encode the information inside the barcode because it’s too expensive to afford. So always match the information given in the barcode with the information on the front of the card.

  • Feel the card- Your sense of touch can pick many signs of the fraud. Most of the fake documents made by the tampering of the real documents. On some fake ids, the photo is pasted over the original one so the document is especially thick at that particular part. Some of the information is also tactile. You can also feel the difference in style of letters. Some letters are raised and some are not.

You can also identify the fake id cardholder by his or her body language. If he or she is holding the fake I.D. card then there must be a sign of anxiety and stress in her or his face. You can also compare the physical descriptions of the cardholder with the descriptions of weight, age, and height mentioned in the document. So, these were some of the ways by which you can easily detect the fake documents.