Day: September 12, 2018

Top 4 Reasons For Using VPN For Private Web Browsing

There are so many VPN services you will find online, but do you know why these VPN services are used? VPN is a type of cloak which prevents your browsing information from the eavesdroppers who would like to trespass your information. It helps you to hide your real IP address, which makes it look like you are accessing the network of other country and the network will show your IP of that place only. However, using a VPN network your overall speed with the internet will fall greatly but it also has so many advantages which is why it is considered the best service for private browsing.

Access to channels which are not broadcasted in your area

In many of the countries, there are some channels which cannot be broadcasted. Especially when you move from one place to different place there is a chance that you will start missing so many of your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu or other channels, which is not shown on the state which you are staying in. It may be because of the copyright issue problems that channels are blocked in the certain place. While using VPN service you can use the IP of the different location where such channels are not blocked.

Download and Upload file P2P

Most of the cinema and music industry detest the P2P file sharing because it causes them huge losses. A person who owned a media can share it with the others also. But such kind of sharing is bad for the entertainment market. That is why such kinds of traffic are blocked, but you can use VPN to hide your IP identity which makes it difficult for the authorities to find the traffic of P2P files.

Use of Wi-Fi with the secure connection


You may not know that most of the Wi-Fi in the hotels are not very secure, but people would like to use things which comes free. If you are also doing so, then you should use VPN services which would hide your IP and protect your system from catching any Trojan spyware or virus. There are many free VPN services online available which you can use.

Restriction of network

If there are so many restrictions on your network, then using VPN services you can avoid all those restrictions. In some of the school and college campus also there are some restrictions for using WIFI but if you are using VPN service you can trespass all the restrictions as it helps you to tunnel out your network from all of the restrictions.

If you would like to maintain your privacy while browsing then VPN service is the good choice for you. There are many VPN service available online, some are paid one and some are free services or one time pay free service. While you can opt for the best VPN based on your own choice.