7 Most Important Roles Of SEO Consultants

7 Most Important Roles Of SEO Consultants

Before understanding the roles of SEO consultant, you should be aware of what SEO is? In simple word, SEO is a process of affecting the visibility of any page on the search engine and getting traffic to it. In other words, we can say that SEO is a process of increasing the number of backlinks or connected links.

The basic role of SEO is to provide the helpful information to the user. Mainly the SEO belongs to the web marketing domain. The roles of SEO consultants are categorized in following types:


The SEO is a type of online marketing. The main target for SEO is the end user not the search engine. The SEO is only responsible how the client’s website will be exposed to the end user.


After finishing the marketing part, SEO works to develop the strategy, how to achieve the decided goal. There are a number of strategies that can be followed to achieve the goal. One can refer a professional SEO consultation like Mason Soiza. At first we determine the website, what need to be done and which areas should be covered. The main strategies of that SEO adopt are on-page website change and off-site link building campaigns. But SEO strategies may need changing because Google keeps changing their search algorithms.


Changes are made on the website, which helps it to perform better from usability and search engine point of view. These changes are first tried by SEO, but complex changes in the website need experience and there is a slight art of work in it. It is good to take the help of a website that helps one get complete information on SEO consultant in Toronto.


Mason Soiza
Mason Soiza



After the strategy part is over, now time for analyzing the strategy, whether to continue with the old one or should change it. There are several items which are analyzed on weekly or monthly basis.


SEO should always record his work for the future reference as well as to report the primary stakeholders. According to these reports SEO plans and make their objective for future.


In a search marketing campaign, there may be many stakeholders involved in it. So it is necessary to communicate with them. For that we need excellent verbal and written skills. To make the campaign successful, the SEO must communicate effectively to all those who are involved in the process.

  1. DESIGN:

The SEO also helps in designing and developing the website, this is to ensure that the page load linking etc. are done correctly.


The SEO belongs to digital marketing fields and is the process to improve the visibility of the client’s website. It is done by aiming the end user not for the search engine. Various strategies are involved in this process, which may change according to the needs.