How Can You Make Yourself Anonymous Online?

How Can You Make Yourself Anonymous Online?

Nowadays everything you do online can be easily tracked and analyzed. Many of the online business companies try to track the information of the Internet users to target their ads to them. It is quite difficult to get to have privacy of the information online. There can be many personal information which you do not want to share with others. This is the reason why many people would like to become anonymous online. Here are shown some of the following methods which will make you anonymous online.

Avoid using Smartphones

If you are using a smartphone then your location is actually tracked by the Google or other location tracking software. Using a casual phone is one of the best options, which will help you to become anonymous. While there are some of the apps which you can also use to hide your Information and identity in a smartphone.

Avoid direct connection

It is recommended to not use the direct connection of the modem to the system. Hackers are always ready to locate and hack the Important and valuable answer of others. Using a router between the networks will help you to get a secure medium which uses NAT, Network Access Translation to provide different IP addresses to the different devices which can only be seen on that network only.

Firewall Protection

You can also make use of firewall security installed on the PC which will be quite helpful to stop any unnecessary transaction of the data from the system.

Use Proxies and VPNs

One of the best ways to ensure that others will not be able to hack your device is to change the IP of your system. You can get dedicated proxies or VPN network, which will help you to generate other IP addresses and secure your original IP address so that no hacker can be able to access your system.

Dedicated Proxies
Dedicated Proxies

Use of HTTPs instead of HTTP

Instead of using HTTP while you are sending your emails or doing online activity it is better to use https. While you might be confused that what is that extra ‘S’ which stand for secure sockets layer. This technology helps the user to keep the personal information of the user protected from the hackers. It is quite important to use this technology when you are dealing with online money transfer which makes your transaction more secure.

You can also use various other means to protect yourself from the online tracking system and hackers. By using the above following ways you can be able to make be anonymous and keep your online data protected.