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An adequate amount of sleep is an important factor for our body health. An individual requires the good sleeping conditions for a good night sleep and ultimate comfort while sleeping. One of the important factors that support our body posture and provides comfort is the right pillow.

Pillow is a soft bag cushion which is filled with down, feathers, wool, silk and other synthetic materials. It helps to give proper body posture and comfort while sleeping.

Pillows play an important role in our sleep. It is responsible and has an impact on quality of sleep and rest.

Here are some factors and benefits of pillows while sleeping –

Support and comfort –

Pillow helps to improve your sleep.  It helps to support your head, shoulder, neck and back portion of the body.

Every pillow is different and designed according to the sleeping position.

Every pillow provides comfort according to the different sleeping position of the body such as side sleeper, back sleeper, front sleeper or stomach sleeper.

Provide spine support –

The spine of the human body is naturally curved. A pillow gives support to your head and neck while resting and sleeping. It also helps to maintain the proper alignment of the body and eliminate the risk of head and neck stiffness. It plays an important role in the better quality of your sleep.

Less pain –

Pillow provides support head, back, hips and overall the body. It helps to support your back and relieve the pain in the body by relaxing your muscles.

Materials –

The pillow is usually made up of wool, silk, down, feathers and memory foam etc. Every material of the pillow provides the different level of comfort to the body. A goose down pillow is famous for its extreme comfort and softness.

Goose down pillow

Goose down pillow

Allergies –

Many pillows absorb moisture and dust from the body and induce allergies but most of the pillows are hypoallergenic which protect you from allergies.

Memory foam pillows are the best for protecting from allergies. They are hypoallergenic.

Promote air and blood circulation –

Pillow helps to align every part of the body which maintains the right flow of the blood and helps to improve blood circulation. It is also helpful for increasing the oxygen levels of the body.


A pillow is a soft cushion which helps to provide a proper comfortable sleep by relaxing the overall body parts and maintaining the proper body posture.