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Different Types Of E-Juices Available In The Market

One of the most wonderful thing that makes vaping even more desirable is the availability of different kinds of e-juices flavors. But at the same time, it is daunting also to choose the one of your favorite e-juice among the thousands of choices of different e-juices. The cigarette smokers do not have such a whole lot of options of taste. Unlike the one who vape has many options to choose from. The different varieties of e-juices available in the market are as follows-

  • Fruity Flavored Ejuices- These types of flavors are the most popular flavors available in almost all brands. You might hate eating the apple but you end up liking apple and pineapple mixed e-juices. Their possibilities are endless. Fruity flavored Ejuices are quite sweet in taste and have a strong tasty flavor that fills your mouth with the fresh smell.
  • Tobacco Flavored Ejuices- This is probably the most favorite flavor of those who quit smoking. There are the wide variety of tobacco flavors available in many brands. Many want to stick with this flavor only because they are completely used to it. There are sweet tobacco, cigar tobacco, spiced tobacco, and menthol tobacco, in addition to your regular tobacco blends available in the market.
  • Dessert Flavored Ejuices- Whenever you go to the hotel out for the dinner or lunch you love to have dessert with it. Likewise, dessert flavor juices are liked by many because it fills the taste buds with real sweet taste. The dessert flavors you can get are quite vast in number. It probably exists in all juice flavor. Some of the popular dessert flavored juices available are apple pie, ice cream sandwiches, cinnamon buns, sushi’s, cakes, and sherbet.
  • Drink flavored Ejuices- There are many beverages available in this kind of flavored ejuices. If you love the taste of certain alcoholic beverages but do not want to intake the calories drink flavored ejuices are best for you. Even if you are not looking for an alcoholic drink flavor and you more like to drink beer or milkshake type of liquid then any drink you can think of has a vape flavor that tastes just like it. Some of the most popular drink flavored ejuices are slushies, mocktails, punches, colas, and milkshakes.
  • Candy flavored Ejuices- These kinds of Ejuices are available in many of your favorite candy bar flavors. Also, they are available with the same identical name as that of the candy.  You can get every type of candy and chocolate bar flavor you can think of. There are even some interesting new combinations that you will come across while buying them.

These are the important different types of E-juices available in almost all established vape stores. Choose any one of them according to your wish. These all flavor of e-liquids are also available in Juul pods.