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Today, Pinterest is one of the most expanding platforms on the social media. Pinterest is the fourth largest social media platform on the internet. It is one of the best platforms for the user to explore the world. It drives tons of traffic on a daily basis. It provides new and unique features which make it differ from other social media platforms.

Pinterest is more about things and less about people. People explore their hobbies, interest, and desires in this platform.  It is one of the hottest platforms on the internet because people use Pinterest for their creative and practical uses.

Some interesting features of Pinterest are –

  1. Board –

The profile of your Pinterest account is made up of boards. Boards are used to showcase your brand, hobbies, interest, and desires where you can add images or videos. Boards help to display your things in various themes. It also keeps all your themes separated and organized.

  1. Pin/pinning –

Pinterest allows the user to share images, videos or GIFs which is referred as pinning on Pinterest. It also allows adding the link of your website to every pin on your profile.

  1. Repining –

After pinning in the Pinterest, you can repin that pin. Each time when your pin gets repinned, it shows at the top of the newsfeed of your followers.

Pinterest Bot
Pinterest Bot
  1. Pinterest bot

Pinterest has unique tools which you can buy from the market such as a Pinterest bot. It is an auto pin which is used to schedule your work like pinning, liking, commenting, repining etc. and it works automatically.

Importance of Pinterest –

  • It explores and discovers new things better.
  • It keeps everything organized and categorized that makes browsing easy.
  • It has a longer shelf life. The pinning in the Pinterest has the longest lifespan than any other social media. The tweets in a twitter last for minutes and in facebook it lasts for hours while in Pinterest pinning lasts for several months.
  • It is the best place to promote a business because it drives huge audience and pins have a longer shelf life which gives a great exposure to your brand.
  • It allows you to link the website to your account. It will help to explore more information about your interest or business.


Pinterest are increasing rapidly by every year and becoming a better platform for exploring and discovering new things, for generating and promoting business.