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Top Six Tricks To Survive On The ROS Battle Royale

Top Six Tricks To Survive On The ROS Battle Royale

While you play the PUBG or Battle Royale games you may be stuck on several points while you are easily shot at the starting or you do not have enough skills with your equipment to survive longer in the battle game. In that case, you can make use of Rules of survival hack to improve your experience with your tools and ESP with the map to predict the attack of the other competitors.

Here are some of the Tips which may help you to increase your gaming performance in the ROS battle royale game.

Trick number #1

Try to memorize some of the special locations of the particular maps to increase your chances of getting more loots. While in a big map it is not easy to memorize the locations while after gaining some experience with the gameplay you will be able to understand about your location more accurately and it will also help you to find out the safest place for your survival.

Rules Of Survival Hack
Rules Of Survival Hack

Trick number #2

Do not move in a straight path while the other competitors are also watching you from the distant place and you would become quite an easy target for them. By moving in a zigzag or complex path at least you can be able to prevent headshots while it is better to stay at the safe place where no one will be able to target you.

Trick number#3

While you are getting shot and there are no other means of protection it is better to start build immediately. While you are the target it is better to reset the playing ground and build the cover for yourself.

Trick number#4

Move to the higher point which will help you to target other competitor players while you will not be able to get shot by their ammo.

Trick number#5

Try to land faster on the battleground and occupy maximum loots on your side while if you will not be able to land early then you should stay at higher grounds inside the circle while if the circle moves you also need to move your base, just make sure to cover yourself from firing of other players.

Trick number#6

While you do not need to kill all the other players if somebody is moving sporadically and does not know that you are targeting them, while you should wait to concentrate more on your target to get a perfect headshot.

While if you follow these trick while playing ROS battle royale you will be able to survive on the game for longer interval and it will increase your chances of winning in the battleground.