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Key Benefits Of Solar Street Lights Over The Traditional Lights

Key Benefits Of Solar Street Lights Over The Traditional Lights

Solar lights are gaining immense popularity from past few years. It also decreases the dominance or use of few types of traditions lights already. The great way to use the solar energy is installing the solar lights on streets. It gives enormous benefits, especially over the traditional street lighting methods. It is really become important to understand the importance of using the solar lights.

Here know some knowledge and benefits of using solar lights instead of traditional lights.

All in one solar street light
All in one solar street light

Impact on the environment

Use of solar lights on the streets has no harmful impact on the environment. The use of solar lights is completely harmless and vastly better than using the traditional lights which are driven by the non-replenishable resources. This leads to depletion of natural resources. Also using this resources, emit a large amount of carbon dioxide as a by-product which affects adversely to the environment and disturbs the ecological balance while using solar lights produces very less amount of carbon dioxide.

Visibility and illumination

Most of the modern solar lights have LED lights or fixed with LED lights. LED lights help to give more visibility and largely illuminate the area. It makes the sunlight more resemble as closely as possible which results in more night-time visibility.


When it comes to the cost, traditional lights are much cheaper than the solar lights. But solar light is better and worth investment than to use the traditional lights and if the total money is considered including installation, maintenance and replacement then it offers a cheaper price. Because solar lights need very little or no maintenance. Unlike traditional lights, it does not also require electric poles for setting up which can be an expensive procedure.

The lifespan of the lights

Traditional street lights can only last up to 5000 hours and then they need to be replaced while the solar lights have much more lifespan than the conventional lights. The total lifespan of the solar light of LED lights has at least ten times more the lifespan of the traditional street lights.


Solar lights have great dependability. It keeps the area and streets illuminated all through the night even in the grid failures and power cuts while traditional lights lost the electricity and stop functioning in any event of grid failure.

The above-mentioned comparison is enough to indicate which light is better and which light should be used. No doubt, solar LED lights are better and efficient to use. This features and benefits you will get all in one solar street light.