Duvet is a type of bedding which is filled with down, feathers, silk or any synthetic fiber which is used as upper sheets and blankets. Down of goose and duck are used to make duvets and pillows. Down are soft layer found beneath the feather usually on the belly of a bird which keeps them warm and dry.

Down and feathers of geese are very soft even though they have a spine in the feather due to which, duvets and pillow of geese down are softer than any other fiber.

The duvets and pillow which is made from the down of goose are popular across the world.

The best quality of goose down-

A majority (approx 80%) of goose down comes from China in the world. But Hungarian goose down is considered the best quality. They form a large number of clusters due to winter which makes bedding, duvets, pillow more warm, soft and cozy.

Benefits of goose down duvets-

Lightweight and refreshing-

Goose down are proven naturally for the lightweight and waterproof features which makes it suitable for both summer and winter. Thus, it warm during the winter and provide ventilating features during the summer.


Goose down are light, soft, fluffy and lofty in nature. Their duvets and pillows give you a soft and cozy feel of a down. It gives you comfort and natural insulating warmth.

 Goose down duvet
Goose down duvet

Improve your sleep-

Goose down duvet provides comfort and warmth while sleeping which calms your temperature to a level. It’s proven to regulate your temperature which gives you a good night sleep.


Goose down duvets can last up to 15 years with proper care while other synthetic comforters become lumpy and uncomfortable in few months.

4 tips for buying a quality down duvet

Fill power

Fill power affects the quality of down feathers in a duvet. Higher the fill power, the better quality of down is used. Higher fill power defines that duvet is lighter, fluffier and provide more warmth.

Quality of feathers

Each Cluster of a bird has a three-dimensional structure which traps the air and keeps you warm. Down of young birds have poor fill power and break easily. So that quality of feathers is must consider while choosing a duvet.

Thread count

The thread count of duvet refers to a number of threads per square inch of fabric.

Low-quality duvet generally has 100-180 threads. High-quality duvet has more than 250 and any duvet which has 400-450 thread count is considered luxury.


Goose down duvet is a soft flat bag which is filled with down, feathers, silk, wool or any synthetic fiber which is used instead of upper sheets and blankets. It provides warm and comfortable which helps to improve your sleep and gives a cozy feel.